Monday, June 27, 2011

Key Questions about English Education

Question: Essentially, what questions should we be asking about English Education?

Answer: “What is English? How is English best taught and Learned? How are teachers of English best prepared for their professional work?” p. 690.

Comment: These questions might seem obvious until you begin to answer them. I think I know the answer to the first question. And I thought I answered the second question and third questions when I wrote a book, after thirty-five years in the English Education profession—Teaching English, How To—Xlibris, 2004—but that dull thud you hear is the sound of nobody reading it. So I guess I didn’t answer the questions satisfactorily. RayS.

Title: Preparing Writing Teachers: A Case Study in Constructing a More Connected Future for CCCC and NCTE.” ES Reid. College Composition and Communication (June 2011), 687-703.

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