Friday, December 2, 2011

Merit Pay

Question: What’s wrong with merit pay?

Answer/Quote: “…the problems with individual merit pay are numerous and well documented. It has been shown to undermine teamwork, encourages employees to focus on the short term, and leads people to link compensation to political skills and ingratiating personalities rather than to performance.” 26. Jeffry Pferrer. Harvard Business Review: Six Dangerous Myths about Pay (1998).

The author points out that improving education for all students is the goal. Merit pay undermines that goal.

Comment: I have had several experiences as a supervisor in which teamwork was undermined by teachers’ unwillingness to share their successful methods with other teachers, most notably in a primary grade writing workshop. RayS.

Title: “Teacher Evaluation, Teacher Effectiveness, and School Reform.” Richard Long. Reading Today (October/November 2011), 26-27.

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