Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Freshman Writers Need

Note: The National Council of Teachers of English was founded in 1911. The organization is celebrating its centennial. As part of this celebration, College English is publishing excerpts from its predecessor, the college edition of The English Journal. The excerpts are timely, a bit wordy and take their time to get to the point. However, I believe my readers will find them of interest. RayS.

H.W. Davis, “Mastering Principles of Composition.” Vol. 19 (December 1930), 795-803.

Quote: “People who write well must have something to say to somebody and they must want to say it Purpose, audience, and zeal are requisites to effective composition—all the freshman rhetoric courses in America to the contrary notwithstanding. I will back them any day in a race with unity, coherence, and emphasis.”  (801).

Title: “College English’s Precursor: Excerpts from the College Edition of The English Journal.” College English (November 2011), 157-191.

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