Friday, August 31, 2007

Classroom Notes Plus (CN+). April 2006.

Some practical ideas on teaching English from Classroom Notes Plus (CN+), a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Scale of the value of each idea to me, RayS.
* Not much interest
** I'll think about it.
*** Very much interested

What are some methods of involving students in grammar?
Students re-read composition they have written. On index cards, they write anonymously questions about grammatical problems. Cards all go in a box. Teacher takes out card. Other students answer if they can; Teacher, if they can't. B Davet. CN+ (Apr. 06), 12-14. ** [The value of this technique from my point of view is that most students do not understand teachers' comments on their compositions. This method gives the students the opportunity to ask for explanations. "What do you mean by 'awk'?" RayS. ]

Other topics in this issue: Using debate with The Scarlet Letter. Using films in conjunction with literature study. Find and discuss a favorite poem. Six degrees of separation: using a graphic organizer, student try to relate themselves to people with whom they live and work. Change tense in order to find the verb of the sentence. *

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