Monday, August 27, 2007

The Writer (Wrt.) May 2007

Some ideas on writing from The Writer, May 2007.

Scale of the value of each idea to me, RayS.
* Not much interest
** I'll think about it.
*** Very much interested

How can I learn to know editors for whom I would like to publish?
Read their blogs. E Dreifus. Wrt (May 07), 9-10. **

How can I prepare to become a freelance writer?
This author learned everything she could about freelancing from trade magazines, newsletters, books related to freelancing. L Berger. Wrt. (May 07), 14. ***

Where can I find ideas for stories?
Base your story or article on books or literary works that have already been written. For example, use or adapt the plots. A Henry. Wrt. (May 07), 23. **

How should I go about writing a book?
Never polish the first chapter until the last chapter is done. T Hillerman. Wrt. (May 07), 25. **

How should I go about writing a novel?
One argument against outlines: can't wait to see how the book will turn out. T. Hillerman. Wrt. (May 07), 26. **

How should I prepare to write a book?
Create a story board. TJ MacGregor. Wrt. (May 07), 27-29. ***

What are editors' pet peeves about writers?
Don't know the publication. Get name right. Unexciting query. Sending unsolicited, finished articles. Expecting immediate reaction. Don't expect me to remember you. taking the assignment down the wrong road. Belaboring the point. Ignoring word counts. No headline or "kicker" ending. No nutgraph--up-front paragraphs that spell out the point. No contact list--sources you used with information where you can contact them. Don't like to be edited. D. Geiger. Wrt. (May 07), 30-33. ***

How can I find ideas to write about?
Spin off multiple articles from one topic. Wrt. (May 07), 34. ***

How should I go about revising what I wrote?
Complete the article, story or book before going back to revise and tighten. J Hart. Wrt. (May 07), 41-43. ***

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