Friday, August 17, 2007

Teaching English in the Two-Year College. May 2007.

Some ideas on teaching English from Teaching English in the Two-Year College (TETYC), a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).

Scale of the value of each idea to me, RayS.
* Not much interest
** I'll think about it.
*** Very much interested

How do editors rate submissions of articles to this journal?
Editor invites readers to evaluate the articles in this issue of the journal. Criteria: Contributes to field (1-5); Appropriate to audience (1-5); Quality of presentation (1-5); Quality and currency of scholarship (1-5); Quality of classroom application (1-5); Accept as written; Accept with minor revisions; Encourage major revisions with resubmission; Do not accept. Comments invited after each criterion. J Sommers. TETYC (May 07), 361-363. ***

How provide topics for freshman composition courses?
Author teaches freshman composition, using a theme--the paranormal--as the source of topics. LJ Black. TETYC (May 07), 405-413.
[Problematical for a number of reasons--lack of interest on the part of students for one--but an interesting idea. RayS.] **

How teach students to revise their writing?
Students practice writing timed essays like the state-mandated writing exam. Then the teacher encourages students to revise them. NL Remer. TETYC. (May 07), 414-419. ***

Other topics: What to do when students tell too much about their personal lives; first-year freshman composition teachers without experience in teaching writing collaborated to learn from each other; digital literature. Sorry, but these ideas were not of interest to me, RayS.

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