Thursday, August 30, 2007

English Education. April 2006.

Some ideas on teachng English from English Education (EngEd.), April 2006, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), dealing with the training of pre-service teachers.

Scale of the value of each idea to me, RayS.
* Not much interest
** I'll think about it.
*** Very much interested

What models do new teachers follow when they begin teaching?
They model teachers and teaching from their own experience--good and poor. MT Moore. EngEd. (Apr. 06), 159. **

How does the public feel about teaching?
"Overwhelmingly, the American public believes that knowing how to teach is just as important as knowing what to teach...." Dudley-Marling, et al. EngEd. (Apr. 06), 168. [I beg to differ. All that I have read in newspapers suggests that teaching teachers how to teach is what teacher training institutions do, taking away from learning what to teach (content). Doesn't help that most teacher candidates come from the lower third of the class at most, if not all, universities. RayS.] **

What does a "highly qualified" teacher know?
Literary/reading/composition theory. Children's and adolescent literature. Computer technologies. Interact with other teachers. Strategies for teaching literature and reading. Strategies for teaching composition/writing. Assessment strategies. Working with students of different cultures and languages. Engaging in active learning. Lecture skills. Working with parents. Management techniques. Dudley-Marling, et al. EngEd. (Apr. 06), 178. **

What do new English teachers need to know?
They need to know that memories of their own teachers are insufficient for becoming successful teachers. J Agee. EngEd. (Apr. 06), 213. **

Why are students intimidated by poetry?
They feel as if they need to know the "right" answer and when they don't they feel foolish. S Webster, et al. EngEd. (Apr. 06), 245. ***

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