Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Topic: Copying Text Patterns in Science

10-second review: “Copy change is an instructional strategy in which students use an author’s text patterns for their own writing.” Comment: A variation of using models for writing. RayS.

Title: “Using Copy Change with Trade Books to Teach Earth Science.” WP Bintz, P. Wright, J Sheffer. Reading Teacher (October 2010), 106-119.

Summary: Fourth-grade students read science trade books. Then they copied patterns (models) of textbook science writing, using their own research and illustrations. One example: They begin by writing “The most important thing about__________ is…….” They add short sentences to explain the importance of _________. They conclude with, “But the most important thing about __________ is ……….”

Comment: This is an extension of Barbara Stopper’s first-grade paperback book project. She folded blank sheets of 8 1/2” x 11” paper lengthwise and stapled these paperback books on the crease. The students then wrote on one-half of each sheet (with a cover, of course) a story and later filled in illustrations on the other half of each sheet. Without being told to do so, they copied the design of the picture books read to them by their teacher. RayS.

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