Monday, November 15, 2010

Topic: A Teaching Technique

10-second review: Teachers improvise by means of conversations with students about what they are doing with an assignment when they are obviously uninterested in it.

Title: “Positioning Students as Readers and Writers Through Talk in a High School English Classroom.” Amy Vetter. English Education (October 2010), 33-64.

Comment: First, you will really need to read this article to get an accurate flavor of it. This is another article in which teachers improvise in the middle of a class. I reviewed a recent article, for example, about tensions between teacher and student or student and student in which the teacher and the class make an objective attempt to try to determine the cause of the tension. I think some teachers can pull this off and probably some can’t.

The situation in this article is an uninteresting assignment in which students are acting out their boredom with it. The teacher takes the stage and discusses with the students the assignment’s purpose and its importance in developing a language skill. The students have to discover its importance for them. It’s a risky business because it has to be a conversation, not a lecture. Interesting. RayS.

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