Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Topic: Vocabulary Instruction for ELLs

10-second review: A method for teaching vocabulary to English Language Learners (ELLs, i.e., students whose native language is not English).

Summary: MCVIP stands for Multifaceted, Comprehensive Vocabulary Instructional Program. Based on Graves’s (2006) framework for vocabulary instruction.

Quote: “…the MCVIP team selected two instructional strategies that promote and enhance the reading and discussion of narrative and expository texts. Vocabulary Visits (Blachowicz and Obrochta, 2005) and Character Trait Vocabulary (Manyak 2007). Vocabulary Visits represent virtual field trips that use books to develop students’ content area vocabulary. Character Trait Vocabulary creates an environment for students to learn character trait words and to use these words to analyze characters.” P. 143.

Quote: “…begins with an introduction to the word that includes presenting the word in a meaningful context, providing a student-friendly definition and several examples of the word’s use, and prompting the students to create additional examples using the word.” P. 143.

Quote: “Word-learning strategy instruction in MCVIP has focused on the use of context, word parts, and Spanish-English cognate knowledge to infer word meanings.” P. 144.

Title: “Vocabulary Instruction for English Learners: Lessons from MCVIP.” PC  Manyak. Reading Teacher (October 2010). 143-146.

Comment: I think the ideas of Vocabulary Visits and Character Trait vocabulary are interesting. So are the “student-friendly” definition (putting the definition in the students’ own informal language) and the Spanish-English cognate knowledge.) RayS.

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