Thursday, April 7, 2011

College Test Preparation Services

Question: How good are college test preparation services?

Answer: Not as good as people think and they cost a lot of money.

.Big improvements in test scores are exaggerated.
.Once you deal with a test preparation service, they won’t let you alone.
.Little reliable data on results.
.You can get the test prep service for free.
.You can prepare yourself for the SAT and ACT yourself and save a lot of money.
.Guaranteed refunds if you don’t improve your scores are hard to get.
.Online materials have glitches.
.Test scores are not the biggest influence on acceptance into college.
.Test preparation services add stress to already busy students.
.Test scores are ignored by 850 colleges and universities.

“Ten Things Test Preparation Services Won’t Tell you.” Wall Street Journal (Tuesday, April 5, 2011), Internet.

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