Friday, April 29, 2011

Literature and Masterpiece Theater

Question: How can students learn to appreciate literature through TV adaptations?

Answer: By studying both the printed literature and the adaptations in presentations by Masterpiece Theater.

Quote: “There are more than 30 teacher’s guides on the Masterpiece website ( Practical and comprehensive the guides provide insightful before-and after-viewing questions, as well as innovative activities designed to help students discover themes, find points of connection, identify and understand literary elements, and understand the art of adaptation. As one teacher said, ‘Masterpiece … works are often the first time students have seen literature interpreted visually. It gives them a deeper appreciation of the work, helps them understand how a film is a collaborative effort, helps them to interpret more deeply, and makes them think about other points of view.’ By ‘reading’ both forms of media side by side, students come away with a better understanding of the choices an author, screenwriter, or team of filmmakers must make to communicate successfully with an audience.” P. 17.

Comment: ‘Nuff said. A great idea with opportunities for learning and comparing forms of expression and the literary work. RayS.

Title: “Masterpiece at 40: A Celebration.” Carol Jackson Cashion. English Journal (March 2011), 15-17.

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