Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writing Process Dramatized on Network TV

Problem: “I have been looking for movies or television episodes that dramatize the writing process for a long time. Now that I have found one, I use it every semester.”

Problem Resolved: An episode  in the show Friday Night Lights. Tyra is trying to write her college essay. Shows it to Landry, a junior on the football team, who hates what she has written and says so (Season 3, Episode 12).

Quote: “…Most students realize that Tyra began by writing what she thought an admissions counselor might want to hear. Eventually, even the females [who don’t like Landry’s brusqueness] will admit that Landry’s prodding brought Tyra to a point where she could be totally honest and then writes, instead, about the change in her life that has allowed her to reinvent herself and has inspired her to dream of college—and beyond.” P. 307.

Comment: Well, it’s not exactly the entire writing process, but the need to express oneself honestly is certainly part of it. Worth tracking down this dramatization. Also, finding dramatizations of English-related episodes in popular TV shows and movies is worth sharing with others. Thanks, Jim [the author].RayS.

Title: “A Writing Session on Network Television.” Jim LaBate. Teaching English in the Two-Year College (March 2011), 306-307.

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