Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teaching at Home; Homework in the Classroom

Question: How do you turn education upside down?

Answer: Students view lectures, read materials at home and then come to class with their questions. Teacher and other students help to answer the questions.

Comment: Makes some sense. Students move at their own pace. And then move on to the next topic. I’m afraid it’s a little too neat. The teacher does not have the time to be with 35 students at once as students move at different paces. The purpose is to give teachers 100% time to focus on helping students clarify what they do not know, what they have not learned from studying at home on their own.

When the students begin to separate themselves as they learn faster than others, then the teachers might not have the time to deal with every student’s concerns. Still management is a challenge, and it could be a unit. I’d try it. RayS.

Source: This was a video that showed up for a short time on the Internet version of the Wall Street Journal. I was not able to record the names of the interviewer or the young man who was pioneering this method. He did say that it was not a new idea. Appeared in the Internet version of Wall Street Journal, April 11, 1011.

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