Thursday, October 13, 2011

NCTE: An Important Omission--Ethics

Question: What can a teacher do when forced to perform an unethical act in teaching?

Answer/Quote: Nothing. Read on: “But an even more important regret about the structure of NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) is what I wish Ruth Cline’s (1990) NCTE president) work on an ethics code had been adopted by NCTE. We need such a code…. That is, a K-12 teacher has a right to an ethical working condition (not being asked to teach in a harmful manner). In NCTE’s Code for Right to Ethical Conditions, a K-12 teacher could file a complaint about ethical conditions (‘I am being required to perform an unethical act by my district’), and NCTE could review the matter and make a recommendation—just as it does under the Right to Read Policy where teachers report censorship cases….” P. 43.

Comment: A question: What ethics policies exist throughout education? RayS.

Title: “Buckle Up for Interesting Times.” Miles Myers. English Journal (September 2011), 33-42.

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