Thursday, October 20, 2011


Question: Why use quotes in your writing?

Answer/Quote: “Great quotes can help sell your queries to editors. Used as leads, quotes can pull your readers into your story. In the middle of your article, quotes can act like locomotives pulling the reader along while helping you make your main points. They can also aid in writing a satisfying conclusion to your story. Plus, quotes can add life to otherwise dry subjects. So how do you get engaging quotes? Follow these tips:

> Find unique quotes.

> Plan your interview.

> Listen for potential follow-up question.

> Pick up the phone or meet face to face.

> Take advantage of a recorder.

> Put your source at ease.

> Leave your own opinions and biases out of the interviews.

> Look for fresh expression.

> Double-check your quotes.

Title:”9 Tips for Quotes That Sparkle.” JK Borchardt. The Writer (October 2011), 13.

Comment: The one tip that stands out for me is “Leave your own opinions and biases out of the interview.” Too often, questions become speeches featuring the interviewer’s point of view. The Writer is a publication by writers for writers. I highly recommend it, especially for creative writing teachers. RayS.

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