Monday, October 17, 2011

The Future of English Teaching

Question: What are your thoughts about the future of English teaching?

Note: The editor of the special September 2011 issue of English Journal, Leila Christenbury, posed the following questions about the future of English teaching. You can read about the answers she has gleaned from multiple audiences in her article, “Then and Now: ?The Thoughts of NCTE Members in 1960 and in 2010.” Leila Christenbury. English Journal (September 2011), 133-138.

> What to expect in the year 2061

> The change I would most like to see in English teaching during the next 50 years

> Ten of the important studies in research in English

> Important unsolved problems in research in English

> A book that has influenced my thinking about the teaching of English

> What worries me most about the teaching of English

> An article that I especially remember [My title. RayS.]

Comment: If you care to respond to these issues, send them to I’ll publish the results. RayS.

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