Thursday, November 3, 2011

Math and Literacy (1)

Question: What are some techniques used in math classes that encourage literacy?

“Discusses how to use informal language and nonmathematical word meanings to help students make connections to mathematical vocabulary.” TL Adams. (2003). The Reading Teacher. 786-795,

“Presents fifth-grade math journals that feature solutions to student-created real-life math problems. The process of creating a problem….” LR Albert and J Anots. (2000). Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 526-531.

“Survey, question, reread, question, compute, question and other comprehension/study strategies help students meaningfully read mathematics textbooks with their unique structure and text features.” ML Barton, et. al. (2002), Educational Leadership, 24-28.

“…writing prompts for journals in the middle school mathematics classroom. Prompts for writing about prior mathematics content are useful for identifying lingering misconceptions and connected content knowledge. Prompts related to current mathematics content encourage identifying and generalizing patterns, posing and evaluating conjectures, and creating and evaluating mathematical arguments.” JA Baxter, et al. (2002). Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School,52-56.  

Comment: To be continued. The authors of this article urge the preparation of annotations for articles related to content in math, science, English, etc. and then publish them in their journals. An interesting idea. RayS.

Title: “Collaborating to Cross the Mathematics-Literacy Divide: An Annotated Bibliography of Literacy Strategies for Mathematics Classrooms.” ES Friedland, et al. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (September 2011), 57-66.

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