Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reading Stress

Question: How can the teacher tell that students are stressed while reading?


Text is Too Difficult
> Students are off task, nervous, or engaged in inappropriate behaviors.

> Students read haltingly. Their reading may include excessive repetitions or self-corrections or require extensive teacher support.

> The lesson takes more than 15-20 minutes because the teacher has to instruct extensively.

Comment: Solution? The authors suggest shifting the level of the text that is too difficult to a text that is at the students’ reading level. I suggest the directed reading approach: build background information on the topic, pre-teach unfamiliar vocabulary, survey the text by reading the title and discussing it, the first paragraph, the first sentence of each intermediate paragraph and the last paragraph and provide students with a purpose for reading (possibly a question to answer). RayS.

Title: “Toolbox: Handy Helpers for Guided Reading.” J Burkins and M Croft, Preventing Misguided Reading. Reading Teacher (October 2011), 147-149.

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