Friday, March 2, 2012

Critical Reading

Question: What should students look for when reading critically?

Answer/Quote: “…critical stance is defined as one that ‘looks for societal stereotypes and patterns or how the text makes us look differently at everyday events; points out the stereotypes that the text perpetuates; helps us see the big issues that lie just beyond the text….’ ” p. 429.

Quote: “Indeed, as Kucer (2008) suggested, ‘it might be more accurate to talk of readers interpreting rather than comprehending words and texts within particular situations.’ ” P. 429.

Comment: Well, stereotyping is one perspective in critical reading. I’ve never been unduly conscious of stereotyping when I’m reading, but now I’ll put it on my “front-burner”  consciousness. I wonder how much stereotyping I will find? I was conscious of the role that stereotyping  ball players and their potential played in Moneyball. I thought the distinction between interpreting and comprehending was important. RayS.

Title: “Reading from Different Interpretive Stances: IN Search of a Critical Perspective.” C Leland, et al. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (February 2012), 428-437.

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