Thursday, March 22, 2012

Myths about Technology and Teaching

Question: What are some myths about the use of technology in the classroom?

 Answer/Quote: Myths
> “Teachers who are newer to the profession and those who have greater access to technology are more likely to use technology frequently for instruction than other teachers.”

> “Only high-achieving students benefit from using technology.”

> “Since students today are comfortable with technology, teachers’ use of technology is less important to student learning.”

> “Teachers and administrators have shared understandings about classroom technology use and 21st-century skills.”

> “Teachers feel well prepared by their initial teacher preparation programs to effectively incorporate technology into classroom instruction and foster 21st-century skills.”

Quote: “The report’s recommendations for teachers include the following:”
> “Be as fearless as your students. Make a commitment to learning new technologies or applications.”

> “Seek out or create opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your peers.”

> “Evaluate continuing education opportunities and consider options that integrate technology and 21st-century skills development into the curriculum.”

> “Communicate with Parents.”

Comment: I keep looking for significant contributions of technology to curriculum. What I seem to find is that teachers use technology for administrative purposes, rather than for instructional purposes. RayS.

From: Educators, Technology and 21st-Century Skills. Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership. Walden University. Reprinted in “Dispelling Technology Myths.” Reading Today (August/September 2010), p. 33.

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