Friday, March 30, 2012

Effective Writing Instruction

Question: What are five principles of effective writing instruction often mentioned by experts?

Answer: Guiding Principles of Effective Writing Instruction

> Principle 1: Effective writing instructors realize the impact of their own writing beliefs, experiences and practices. [What are your writing beliefs, experiences and practices? Take a moment and write them out. RayS.]

> Principle 2: Effective writing instruction encourages student motivation and engagement.

> Principle 3: Effective writing instruction begins with clear and deliberate planning, but is flexible. [What format does “clear and deliberate planning involve? Brainstorming? Outlining? Thesis sentence? Free writing? RayS.]

> Principle 4: Effective writing instruction and practice happen every day. [Important to develop the writing habit. RayS.]

>. Principle 5: Effective writing instruction is…collaboration between teachers and students. [Be the guide by the side. RayS,]

Comment: Not sure what all this means. Probably just publishing rather than perishing. Principle #1 is useful. The rest of the principles are BS. RayS.

Title: “Conversations with Leaders: Principles of Effective Writing Instruction.” S Zumbrunn and K Krause. The Reading Teacher (February 2012), 346-353.

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