Friday, June 29, 2012

New Teachers

Question: What are some pressures on teachers new to the profession?

Answer/Quote: “There is discouraging evidence that many beginning teachers quickly abandon the practices advocated and modeled in their teacher education programs at colleges and universities and regress to imitate the kind of instruction that they experienced themselves as students, or conform to the dominant model in schools where they feel great pressures to drill students for performance on mandated tests. The trends would be less discouraging if the newly minted teachers were imitating the examples of the great teachers they had during their long ‘apprenticeship of observation,’ as Dan C. Lorrie called it.” P. 94.

Comment: Perhaps teacher-preparation courses should emphasize the good characteristics of the “great” teachers they have had during their “apprenticeship of observation.” RayS.

Title: “Mentoring Matters.” Thomas M. McCann, Editor. English Journal (March 2012), 94-96.

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