Thursday, June 7, 2012

Online Reading and Research

Question: What are students’ attitudes toward reading and researching online?

The author of this article sampled students’ attitudes toward reading and researching online. Here are her results:

I believe the Internet makes it harder to get useful information. 87% agree and 23% disagree.

I believe it’s easy to get lost when I use the Internet for research. 62% agree and 38% disagree.

I believe the Internet has made learning more interesting. 95% agree and 5% disagree.

I would work harder if I could use the Internet more often in school. 68% agree and 32% disagree.

I feel happy when I do research projects on the Internet. 89% agree and 11% disagree.

Comment: These results of this student survey about reading and researching on the Internet are open to my readers’ interpretations. They probably suggest positive attitudes toward being actively involved in researching on the Internet and less satisfaction with traditional sources of information. Which is why I would make traditional sources of information a part of research along with the Internet. RayS.

Title: “Understanding Dispositions Toward Reading on the Internet.” Julie Coiro. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (April 2012), 645-648.

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