Saturday, June 9, 2012


Note: Normally, I do not publish my blog, English Updates, on weekends. However, I publish several other blogs during the week having to do with ideas in English education that are not current, but still useful. On weekends, I will publish samples of these ideas. RayS.

Question: What is Ron Clark’s [Disney’s Teacher of the Year] method for teaching vocabulary?

Answer/Quote: “Often my students’ biggest obstacle [in reading] is vocabulary. So I use games and other techniques to pre-teach select vocabulary that they will subsequently encounter in their reading. Sometimes I even use flash cards. Then when the kids get to the reading, they are thrilled that they recognize and understand the new words.”

Comment: Pre-teaching vocabulary is one of the steps in the traditional directed reading assignment. RayS.

Title:  “Annual Convention: Ron Clark, ‘America’s Educator,’ Tapped for Featured Keynote at Second General Session.” Interview by Ron Clark. Reading Today (April/May 2012), 16-17.

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