Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Topic: Critical Thinking

10-second review: Fourth graders respond to ads in publications, telling what they like about the product and what they don’t like. They add bubbles to characters in the ads talking about the product.

Title: “The Elementary Bubble Project: Exploring Critical Media Literacy in a Fourth-Grade Classroom.” J S Gainer, N Valdez-Gainer, T Kinnard. Reading Teacher (May 2009), 674-683.

Example: “Cecilia stared at her paper as the 17 other fourth graders in her class busily wrote at their tables When I …approached to see if I could help, she held up a full-page magazine advertisement for a Dora the Explorer doll that sings in English and Spanish and said, ‘There is nothing wrong with this. I think it is a good toy.’ ”

A reminder to encourage both positive and negative comments. Important question is “Why?”

Comment: Interesting exercise in critical thinking Will need discussion before the children write about the products they have found in ads. RayS.

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