Monday, February 8, 2010

Topic: Visual Literacy

10-second review: The case for visual literacy.

Title: “You Gotta See It to Believe It: Teaching Visual Literacy in the English Classroom.” R Seglem and S Witte. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (November 2009), 216-226.

Quote: “No longer are the abilities to read and write in a linear, left-to-right fashion the sole indicators of successful communication. Rather, the world is made up of visual symbols that require more complex thinking skills than traditional literacy requires.”

Quote: What is visual literacy? Braden and Hortin (1982): “Visual literacy is the ability to understand and use images, including the ability to think, learn and express oneself in terms of images.”

Quote: “Ultimately, however, visual literacy must be included within all school curricula if teachers want to adequately prepare students for a world that is surrounded by and driven by images.”

Summary: Authors begin by interpreting tattoos and conclude by having students provide images for texts.

Comment: I’m not sure the world is “driven” by images. Society is still driven by ideas and ideas are formulated in words. RayS.

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