Thursday, February 18, 2010

Topic: Electronic Response to Literature.

10-second review: Students read e-books. They respond in electronic journals. Teacher sets up a message board with questions and students respond to the question and to the comments by other students concerning the e-book. Key to effective use of this method is in the following quote: “As group members communicated on the message board, they carefully read and contemplated the opinion of others before submitting a thoughtful reply.” p. 646.

Title: “Reader Response Meets New Literacies: Empowering Readers in Online Learning Communities.” LC Larson. Reading Teacher (May 2009), 638-648. A publication of the International Reading Association (IRA).

Comment: A good method to have students practice thoughtful writing. Has the advantage that students who would not contribute to a face-to-face discussion in class might do so in this online discussion. However, this method should not replace face-to-face discussion. They are two methods requiring different skills—writing and talking/listening. Both are necessary. RayS.

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