Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Topic: Information Books in Early Grades

10-second review: Start using information books as read-alouds even in first grade.

Title: “Exploring the Literature of Fact.” PS Webster. Reading Teacher (May 2009), 662-671.

Summary: Students should not only read information books, but should write them as well.

Comment: I again suggest that students write paperbacks, an idea that Barbara Stopper used in teaching first grade. Take four or five pages of copy paper (no lines), fold in half, staple at the crease. Students write the text at the bottom and illustrate at the top of each page. Teacher goes over with each student before posting, helping them correct spelling. Illustrated cover page. You will find that students will imitate the books the teacher reads aloud, including story books and information books. The children’s books will look great as part of a classroom library and in the hall, where passersby can’t help stopping to read them. RayS.

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