Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feedback on Writing

Question: “At what point should I show my work to someone?”

Answer/Quote: “A good general rule is to wait until you have taken the draft as far as you can on your own.” P. 8.

Comment: I have found it most valuable, after I have called on someone I respect to help, to specify what the reader should look for in my writing.

My wife often reads my material in draft, but I specify, “Please look for whatever is confusing to you and put question marks in the margin.” I also specify that I don’t want her to judge my work, either negatively or positively. Judgments don’t help, questions do. In addition, I ask her not to point out misspellings, grammar mistakes or typos. I will take care of them when the time comes to edit. RayS.

 Title: “Ask the Writer: At What Point Should I Show My work to Someone?” Brandi Reissenweber. The Writer (April 2011), 8.

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