Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rules for Writing

Question: “Could you suggest a few rules for writers that you believe are essential to follow?”

Answer. David Wroblewski: “Very, very little falls into an absolute category like that. For every rule, there’s someone who has been very successful who has not followed that rule. The only one that seems somewhat universal is to write every day. But then, there are some writers who don’t do that but still write very well. For myself, I try to write every day.” p. 22.

Comment: From a writing teacher’s point of view, writing every day does seem to improve written expression. In my classes, I developed 10-minute essays for two purposes: the first was to correct grammar. The second was to teach students the characteristics of standard written English. If you’re interested in how I used ten-minute essays, write to me at RayS. .

Title: “Finding the Right Design”: An Interview with David Wroblewski. Luke Reynolds. The Writer (April 2011), 20-22.

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