Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wordless Picture Books for Immigrants

Question: How organize the reading of wordless picture books for immigrants?

 Suggestions for discussing wordless picture books for immigrants:

. Use a small-group format similar to literature circles.

. Try having groups focus on several books by the same author and then compare various authors’ styles.

. Organize students into linguistically homogeneous groups whenever possible….

. Use buddy reading, pairing students to talk. The two students can take turns interpreting and commenting on the images found on alternating pages.

. Keep the conversation open…. .What do you think about this page? What do you notice here? What is happening here? Why do think so? What else would you like to say?

.  Ask how they think characters might be thinking and feeling.

. Ask students to share their predictions.

 . Pay attention to the elements of art present in the book (e.g., the use of perspective, light, frames, color, lines, etc.)….

.Do not rush the discussion of the book….

 . Remember that inquiry can take many forms. It does not only mean direct questions, but can include wondering and guessing, such as ‘Maybe….’ And ‘I wonder if….’

. Create annotated pages….

 Comment: An interesting way to begin reading instruction with immigrant students. RayS.

 Title: “ [Reading Between the Pictures’: Immigrant students’ Interpretations of The Arrival” [By Shaun Tan]. CM Martinez-Roldan and S Newcomer. Language Arts (January 2011), 188-197.

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