Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Young Adult Literature

Question: How can reading Young Adult mystery novels help students in content area classes like math, science and social studies?

Answer/Quote: “Further, once the class was immersed in the exploration of mysteries, Claudia realized that the skills the students were using in reading mysteries were the very ones needed in math, science, and even social studies. In fact, the students themselves ;pointed out these connections. For example, in math, when given a complex story problem, the students recognized the parallels between wheat they were doing as they read The Westing Game and what they were doing in solving math problems—identifyi8ng who was involved, where the problem occurred, what the events were, what data were relevant to solving the problem, and what strategy was needed to solve the problem. In effect, Claudia and her students became detectives across the curriculum. The study of mysteries provided a rich instructional context that helped to meet today’s rigorous curricular demands.” P. 27.

 Comment: Interesting parallels between mystery novels and math. RayS.

Title: “Exploring Mystery in Fifth Grade: A Journey of Discovery.” Claudia Sharp, et al. Voices from the Middle (May 2010), 19-28.

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