Friday, October 22, 2010

Topic: Glimpses of Writing in the Twenty-First Century

10-second review: I don’t believe I can write in either of the following situations, but I know enough about how I changed over the years in my writing habits that I can’t be too sure. I’m keeping an open mind.

Title: “Writing for the Instant Messaging and Text Messaging Generation: Using New Literacies to Support Writing Instruction.” SM Sweeney. Journal of Adolescent and adult Literacy (October 2010), 121-130. 

Quote: “Author Amy Tan provides an interesting writing tip, explaining that she listens to movie soundtracks while she writes. Each time she works on a particular chapter, she plays the same music. This helps her become immersed in the writing and quickly regain the mood of the chapter.” P. 125.

Quote: “New technologies such as cloud computing make it easier for individuals to work collaboratively on documents and projects. Cloud computing refers to applications that are addressable through the Internet and reside on a central server (Devaney, 2010). Examples of this type of application include GoogleDocs (, which allows users to create documents that are stored on Google’s server and can be accessed by multiple users. This capability means that a group of students can work collaboratively on a document that may include multimedia such as video, audio, and hyperlinks, in which all revisions are visible, and the finished product has been created by consensus.” P. 129.

Comment: I’m the kind of guy who took five or six years to appreciate Elvis Presley and another five or six years to appreciate the Beatles. How long will it take me to appreciate Rap—and the type of writing process described in this article? RayS.

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