Friday, October 29, 2010

Topic: Teaching Comprehension

10-second review: What do teachers actually do in teaching comprehension?

Title: “Identifying Instructional Moves During Guided Learning.” N Frey and D Fisher. Reading Teacher (October 2010), 84-95.

Quote: “The findings from this study suggest that teachers intentionally and consciously apply scaffolds [supports RayS.] for students to learn. The teachers in this study were fairly systematic, yet not scripted, in their approach to small-group guided instruction. They consistently led with questions to check for understanding and then prompted and cued students when errors and misconceptions arose. When the prompts and cues failed to resolve an error, teachers moved to direct explanations and modeling. Whereas prompts and cues were observed regularly during guided instruction, direct explanations were not observed as often. In only about 20% of the exchanges did teachers resort to direct explanations and modeling to ensure student understanding.”

Comment: “Modeling” refers to the teachers’ telling how they resolved the problem in comprehension. RayS.

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