Monday, October 25, 2010

Topic: A Problem with Current Research in Education

10-second review: Research is being published without peer review, and findings are being picked up by the media and published without critical scrutiny.

Title: “Creating State and National Networks for Adolescent Literacy and Coaching: An Interview with Nancy L Shankin.” NL Shankin and DW Moore. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (October 2010), 142-144.

Quote: “I am concerned, too, about the extent to which a growing amount of current research is not peer reviewed before its publication. More research is being funded through research centers, foundations and policy groups where studies are completed and posted to organization websites without rigorous review from others in the profession. Findings are quickly picked up by the media and hold sway with policy makers before they can be scrutinized through a peer-review process.”

Comment: I suspect the same thing is true in the medical profession and other professional fields. RayS.

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