Thursday, October 14, 2010

Topic: Writing Questionnaire for College Students

10-second review: A comprehensive set of questions about learning to write in school.

Title: “Writing in High School/Writing in College: Research Trends and Future Directions.” J Addison and SJ McGee. College composition and Communication (September 2010), 147-179.

. gender?
. age?
. level (grade) of student?
. kind of high school, public or private?
. number of years of English courses taken in high school?
. other kinds of writing classes in high school?
. kinds of writing tasks recalled?
. written feedback from teacher on quality of the paper?
. usually received a grade for papers?
. frequency of writing assignments in English?
. writing in other classes?
. names of classes you wrote in?
. when writing in other classes, did you get written feedback from your teacher about the quality of the paper?
. received a grade for the writing in other classes?
. importance of writing in future job or career?
. frequency of writing after high school?
. feelings about writing?
. perceptions of writing abilities?
. emphasis of school on writing?
. satisfaction with ability to write?
. strategies in writing?
. freshman composition course in college?
. other kinds of courses focusing on writing?
. other English classes?
. frequency of writing in other courses in college?
. classes in college you wrote in?
. kinds of writing in courses other than English?
. guidelines by professors on how to write in various disciplines?
. other than English classes, professors devoted class time to discussing papers;
. when writing in other classes did you get written feedback from teacher about the quality of the paper?
. grade on the writing?

Comment: For the complete questionnaire, see the article. RayS.

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