Thursday, October 7, 2010

Topic: Small-Group Discussions

10-second review: Guidelines for students discussing in small groups.

Title: “Exploring Text Through Student Discussions: Accountable Talk In the Middle School Classroom.” AE Richardson. English Journal (September 2010), 83-88.

Guidelines for Student Participants in Small-group Discussions:
.One person speaks at a time.

.Use a one-foot voice (a voice that can be heard only from a foot away or less).

.Stay on topic.

.Listen actively to each other.

.Keep eyes on the speaker.

.Make connections to the previous speaker’s ideas before moving on to another idea.

Note: It is important that the teacher sets the purpose for the discussion. Example of a purpose: “Today the purpose of our …talk is to discuss all the examples of change in Charlotte’s character that you have highlighted in Chapter 4.”

Comment: Common sense guidelines for small-group discussions. RayS.

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