Monday, January 24, 2011

Topic: Bull....

Question: What is the recent history of Bull…. In Academe?

Answer: “The study of bullshit, what I will call taurascatics, has been making a splash of late. It was Harry Frankfurt who tossed the stone: his essay “On Bullshit” came out in Raritan in 1986, hit the New York Times best-seller list as a book in 1995, and has been adopted, adapted, and criticized across the academy since. The ripples spread from philosophy to sociology, psychology, economics, public policy, and even to college composition. Philip Eubanks and John “Schaffer considered the implications of Frankfurt’s text for academic prose and for the field  of composition specifically… while Peter Smagorinsky and his coauthors more recently examined the student term paper subtype.”

Comment: This article is an example of what happens when an interesting topic is interpreted  by the bull….of academe. I not only lost my way in trying to follow the labyrinth of the author’s academic bull…, but soon gave up. Sorry, maybe someone else is intelligent enough ant interested enough to make sense of the author’s attempt to define the various types of bull…. using academic bull…. RayS (and I am well aware that I probably slip into the same type of language myself in writing comments in this blog).

Title: “Rhetoric and Bull….” J Fredal. College English (January 2011), 243-259.

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