Monday, January 17, 2011

Topic: Children's Reading Habits Today

Question: How can we encourage our children to read?

Answer: The following newspaper article suggests some ideas on children’s reading today:

Quote: “Harry Potter can do amazing things…but he can’t coax every child to pick up a book.”

Quote: “…but experts say too many children still don’t read books in their leisure time like their predecessors once did.”

Quote: Robin Lanzi: “We know reading is liniked to higher school achievement. It increases your knowledge base.”

Quote: Robin Lanzi: “Two out of five of the nation’s school-age children are poor readers.” Poor readers aren’t eager to hit the books after school. “You do things you think you’re good at.”

Quote: Jennifer D. Turner: “When the idea of picking up a book becomes less enthralling to children, it’s up to their teachers to pick up the slack…. One way to do that is to introduce more nonfiction into the curriculum.”

Quote: Linda Gambrell: “We’re living in a time where children have wonderful books at their fingertips to read, an array of narrative and informational books….”

Quote: Robin Lanzi: “Nevertheless, those great texts will go unread by children who are overscheduled, as is often the case today. The most important place in the student’s life is the classroom library…. 90% of students who report recently reading and enjoying a book said they had picked it up at their classroom library.”

Quote: William Brozo: “Reading puts a person in a contemplative mood.”

Teachers and parents must be models of reading.

Comment: I think the following are important ideas in this article: Parents and teachers must model reading for their children by taking the time to read and discuss ideas in the books they both read. Classroom libraries. Nonfiction in the curriculum. One effect of reading is a mood of contemplation. Reading builds a base of knowledge that relates to achievement in school. RayS.

Title: “Cover to Cover: Are Children Reading Less or Just Becoming Literate Outside Pages of Books?” Christian Toto. Washington Times (October 21, 2007), DO1.

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