Friday, January 7, 2011

Topic: Business Schools and Writing

Question: What are employers’ criticisms of business school students’ writing?

Answer: Quote: “After employers said they found some students' writing too wordy, the school started having a writing instructor grade students' papers in some courses, in addition to the regular professor's grade.

“The school asked students to write a cover letter as part of a writing exam during orientation. Students who don't score highly enough get additional writing instruction.

“Before the improved focus on writing and communication, Northeastern M.B.A. students were too long-winded and timid during presentations and even when writing emails, says Ralph Miller, director of corporate information management at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc., a nonprofit insurance company. After the school ramped up its writing training, Mr. Miller, who was who was among the executives the school tapped for feedback, noticed improvement. The firm hired three Northeastern M.B.A. students in 2010. Typically it just takes one; it also increased the number of interns it brings in from the school.”

Comment: FYI. RayS. 

Title: “B-Schools Give Firms Say Amid Tough Jobs Market.” By DIANA MIDDLETON Wall Street Journal. January 6, 2011. Internet.

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