Thursday, January 13, 2011

Topic: Composing Writing Assignments

Question: How is composing a writing assignment by a teacher like writing itself?

Answer: “Writing teachers face challenges similar to those that students face when composing a writing assignment. We have to identify audience, purpose and voice. We have to decide on the best structure and format. We have to determine the time frame and point out the resources that will help students complete the assignment. Clearly composing writing assignments is no simple charge.” Traci Gardner.

Comment: If used as a model for composing the students will use when they write, I think this technique of composing a writing assignment is useful. RayS.

Title: Reviews of Designing Writing Assignments. Traci Gardner. Urbana IL: NCTE, 2008 and Teaching English by Design: How to Create and Carry Out Instructional Units. Peter Smagorinsky. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann. 2007. Reviewed by NL Remier. Teaching English in the Two-Year College (May 2009), 409-411.


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