Monday, January 3, 2011

Topic: Finding a Wider Audience for Research on Writing

Question: How can we broaden our audience for research findings on writing?

Answer: Charles Bazerman, College Composition and Communication Chair in 2009:   “…challenged rhetoric and writing scholars to bring our research to wider public audiences and identified ‘a greater need for publicly persuasive evidence…  [for] our practices!: p. 336.

“…urged scholars to alter the ethos of the independent professional, connect our interests, and turn research to public focus.” P. 336.

“Multilayered dissemination strategies allow centers to produce work valued by academic disciplines while creating a space for faculty and students to reach publics beyond the university. The move toward alternate ways of publishing research suggests that today’s centers constantly work to establish new links with broader audiences. As a result, research centers are uniquely positioned and strongly motivated to push the discipline toward greater acceptance of these alternate publications in ways that individual voices cannot.” P. 353.

Comment: I assume that the goal is for research on writing to become part of nightly newscasts as is medical research. A worthy goal. RayS.

Title: “Research Centers as Change Agents:  Reshaping Work in Rhetoric and Writing.” Brian Grogan, et al. College Composition and Communication (December 2010), 336-363.

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