Monday, August 22, 2011

Evaluating the Teaching of Writing Today

Question: What do we know about the teaching of writing today?

Quote: “…even in English class, on average, students are not writing a great deal.” P. 15.

Quote: “The amount of extended writing seems particularly limited when viewed against how students spend the rest of their time.” P. 15.

Quote: “…with the exception of math, less than a third of the classrooms made use of any technology. And…when technology was used, it was usually used by the teacher.” P. 22.

Comment: I’m a little confused by these conclusions. I don’t expect much writing or extended writing to take place in actual classrooms, nor do I expect, necessarily, that technology would be used in the classrooms per se. But to what degree are writing, extended writing, and technology used as part of assignments outside of the classroom? To what extent is classroom time spent on preparing for writing? RayS.

Title: “A Snapshot of Writing Instruction in Middle Schools and High Schools.” AN Applebee ;and JA Langer. English Journal (July 2011), 14-27.

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