Monday, August 29, 2011

Storyboards to Interpret Text

Question: How can storyboards help students to interpret texts?

Answer/Quote: “In using storyboards, students learn a strategy that allows them to closely read text.” P. 85.

 Quote: “I have offered a variety of ways to capitalize on students’ visualization of text and the capacity for students to interact with a passage in a nonprint mode. These three activities using storyboards—finding images in poetry, visualizing scenes from print texts, and analyzing a sequence from a film—are inviting ways to engage students with the visual aspects of reading texts.” P. 84.

Quote: “Most importantly, by providing a way for students to see how others read and understand texts, storyboarding helps students learn that interpretations are not fixed.” P. 85.

Comment: An interesting idea. You’ll need to try it out yourself first. RayS.

Title: “Framing the Text: Using Storyboards to Engage Students with Reading.” DL Bruce. English Journal (July 2011), 78-85.

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