Monday, January 16, 2012

Connecting Students, Teachers and Famiies

Question: How help families learn what is going on in class?

Answer/Quote: “It seems as though each year our team of four core fifth-grade teachers and one learning support teacher debated on what to do to keep the families abreast of their child’s academic and social progress. This past year Terry (first author) suggested that the students write a letter to their parents each Friday detailing their behavior and academic accomplishments for the week. It was important to increase communication between students and families, but it was equally important that the students became involved with communicating this message to their families.” P. 275.

Outline for the Friday letter:

Dear _______________

This week at school I learned ___________________________________.

                My behavior during this past week was ___________________________

                One thing I really liked this week was _____________________________


Quote: “The letters provided students the opportunity to review the week’s lessons and practice writing with a clear focus to an authentic audience.” P. 280.

 Comment: I don’t think I would use the middle sentence about behavior. I might have students provide details on a topic that was taught. Students could indicate what they need to learn more about a topic. RayS.

Title: “Friday Letters: Connecting Students, Teacher and Families Through Writing.” TH Newman and SA Bizzarri. The Reading Teacher (December 2011/January 2012), 275-280.

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