Monday, January 23, 2012

Technology in Education

Question: An attempt to integrate blogs into pre-service training of teachers. Why did it fail?

Answer/Quote: “Our assumptions were problematic in a couple of ways. First, we inadvertently lumped our students together, considering all of them to be tech savvy and anxious to spend more time on the computer to create community. Second, we now realize that the majority of the students who came to us already tech-savvy benefited little from this addition to our course, and more from the other instruction taking place. Teaching is always a humbling experience for us. Luckily, we get to take a step back, look at what we have found, and try again, hopefully learning from our mistakes.” P. 334.

Comment: I guess this attempt to integrate blogging into teaching failed because the teachers did not find out what the students knew and felt about the technology. They also failed to discover what the students wanted from the course. Pretty basic stuff. I applaud the authors for explaining why they failed. RayS.

Title: “Learning from Our Mistakes: What Matters When Incorporating Blogging in the Content Area Literacy Classroom.” H Hungerford-Kresser, J Wiggins and C Amaro-Jimenez. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy (December 2011/January 2012), 326-335.

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