Monday, January 2, 2012

Exploring Content Area Writing

Question: How can English teachers and their students discover how texts in content areas other than English are written?

Answer: There’s a whole world of writing in subjects other than English. This author challenges students to explore that world of writing by analyzing the types of texts used in other subject areas. Students could be writing these types of texts ten years from now. Begin with textbooks. Also, check out the Internet. Type in to Bing or Google “Writing in Sociology.” You will be given information about the types of writing expected in the field of sociology. Example: “The Challenges of Writing in Sociology. What distinguishes Sociology papers from the papers you might write in other courses, including English?


Comment: Good idea. RayS.

Title: “Purpose Beyond This Years: Students Analyze Future Genres.” L Beckelhimer. English Journal (November 2011), 50-56.

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