Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Advice on Writing an Article to Publish

Question: How can you polish your finished article?

Answer/Quote: “Don’t forget the final polish. After all that work, you finally have an article you’re proud of. But before you submit it, give it a final polish. Don’t rely on the editor to do all your fact-checking for you. Double-check the names, titles and quotes. Also check for needless repetition, transitions and awkward word choices. Finally, consider snappy sub-heads or other breaks to improve the article’s flow and organization. Delivering a clean, error-free and eye-catching article will save your editor some work and encourage him or her to call on you again in the future.” P. 13.

Comment: Good reminders for what to check when you’re ready to send it in. RayS.

Title: “Writing Essentials: 5 Steps to a Solid Article Draft.” Laura Maylene Walter. The Writer (March 2012), p. 13.

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