Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Responsibility for Teachers of Literacy

Question: In addition to providing effective instruction in literacy, what else must teachers of literacy do?

Answer: Engage in the politics of legislation. Quote: “…it must be said that we as members of the profession have yet to become mature players, both active and adept, in the world of politics and policy.” P. 180.

 Quote: “Today, although you must still have a focus on your instructional program, you must also be able to share the message of quality literacy research and instruction with numerous stakeholder groups, including those who develop the laws and policy that affect our teaching and, even more importantly, the futures of the children in your classroom.” P. 182.

Comment: Instruction in literacy is now in the hands of legislators. The NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND law was the first step in telling teachers how and what to teach. I am guilty of not keeping up with the state and federal legislators. I will use this article to rectify that. But, darn it, my job is to teach, not to engage in politics, for which I have no taste. However, this article is right. We, as professionals, have no choice, if we want to maintain control of our professions, by showing the way to effective instruction. After all, that is what this blog is all about. RayS.

Title: “Building a Foundation Together.” Norman A. Stahl. The Reading Teacher (November 2011), 179-182.

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